I'm the product of an Irish mother and a sailor father. So no one knows where I got it from and by "it" you just have to hang out with me to find out . I was told that doodling dragons in the margin of my notebooks was a dead end, and clearly they were dead wrong. I graduated with a BA in illustration and graphic design. I was too feisty to sit at a desk and draw oranges for grocery ads. So in 1998 my heels hit the pavement and I sought out an apprenticeship. Machine finally in hand, I knew there was no turning back. I do it all and then I do some more. Bloody eyeballs and pretty birdies, it's all in a day's work. Good manners and foul language are a girl's best friend. I am secretly married to my 1958 Buick, she doesn't judge me for wearing fuzzy slippers. I like my coffee black and my rockstars ugly. Parlo Italinao? Pearls and a beat up leather jacket make a woman. Why don't cha come up and see me sometime?